Machine Learning Orchestration Platform

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Advanced ML Components Orchestration Platform

MlaasMatic is a flexible powerful platform managing Docker based machine learning components. It delivers unbreakable stability and great flexibility what it comes to delivering machine learning based data enrichment services. It is a backbone of remarketing systems performing advances recommendations. Microservices based architecture allows for borderless scalability. REST and queue based routing paths deliver low latency experience and flexibility.

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Flexible communication way using advanced queues (Google Pub/Sub, PubNub, others) and REST interfaces.


Platform orchestrates docker based services. Containers can be deployed inhouse, in private cloud and in public cloud. Number of components is rapidly growing. Platform can handle third party components providing they handle queueing or REST interfaces.


Computing is distributed between individual processing components that can be deployed to every cloud solution.

Easy to use

Interfaces are simple yet powerful. Deployment is fast and easy. Just couple of clicks.


Production proven in sizable implementations handling heavy traffic.